Did you know that “How to lose belly fat after birth” is one of the main requests new moms type on Google? Though, having a bloated and untightened belly after a pregnancy is a physiological phenomenon you simply cannot avoid.

Muscle tissues have been dilated for several months. 
This proves to be one of the main difficulties new mums struggle with, and which led them to feel uncomfortable with their body and their physique they found unpleasant and which also causes loss of self-esteem. 
The fact that you want to recover your optimal shape as soon as possible after giving birth to your baby is completely legitimate. 
Still, all women who gave birth know how long and how difficult it is to get back into shape after a pregnancy.  
So here are a few tips and pieces of advice to gently lose belly fat after birth without making too much effort.


How long does it take to recover a flat belly after giving birth?

There is not one answer to this question. It depends on every woman as everyone has different specificities to take into consideration. 
For instance, losing weight after a caesarean may take more effort than after a natural birth, as it involves a genuine surgery. 
Moreover, if you breastfeed your baby, it will take you about a year to recover your silhouette and fit in the clothes you used to wear before your pregnancy.  
Indeed, during the breastfeeding period, you must not follow a restrictive diet in order to make sure that your milk is nourishing for your baby.
Now, although losing weight is easier when you don’t breastfeed your baby, don’t beat yourself up, you can still move forward and lose your belly fat little by little while breastfeeding your newborn. 

Lose weight after a pregnancy: be patient and give yourself some time

When it comes to this subject, first of all you have to respect your body and give it enough time to recover its ideal weight, shape and tonus little by little.
To do so, I advise you to follow these steps and to make time your best ally. Avoid rushing or being excessive, as it could be harmful for your health.

Gym and specific exercises to lose belly fat after pregnancy

The first weeks postpartum are inevitably synonymous with distended muscle tissues and lose skin. Your belly is still swollen and lacks tonus. 
Often, transversalis fascia cannot flex which explains why you have the sensation that you cannot feel your muscles. 

This is perfectly normal and it won’t last, so don’t be alarmed, there is nothing to worry about. 
To firm up your belly after giving birth, first give yourself some time to do targeted isotonic gymnastic exercises.  
These are simple, gentle and very efficient. 
Here is an example: lying on your back, flex your abs as much as you can, and maintain this position for 30 seconds. Stop, and take a deep breath. 
Repeat it several times during the day to recover the toned belly you had before pregnancy. 

Walk to reduce your belly 15 days after giving birth

Take a walk of at least 30min every day. Walk with a sustained pace. This is another great advice to reduce your belly after pregnancy
Keep in mind that you must do abdominal exercises at least twice a week after giving birth, and that you can only go for promenades when your condition allows for it. 

Swim, practice yoga and jog to firm up the belly 45 days after giving birth

1 month and a half after giving birth, you may be able to start a training a bit more demanding again, and specifically made to get rid of post-partum belly
You’ll find plenty of tutorials on the Internet that you can follow at your own pace, and that you can combine with light exercises such as swimming, doing yoga, or quick jogging or walking session. 
I strongly advise you to read Sophia Loren’s beauty secrets as well as her tips to stay in shape as a legendary pin-up. She’s the mum of 3 children, so she knows what she’s talking about! 

Lose your post-baby belly: food and hydration

Foods that are high in protein such as white meat, fish and eggs are the most recommended to firm up your belly
Make sure you always eat them along with generous portions of fruits and veggies, so that your body has enough vitamins, minerals and trace elements to keep your muscle tissues strong and tight
Avoid ready meals, fired or too-transformed food that are often way too high in saturated fats, sugar and calories.
Drinking enough water allows you to avoid water retention, to get rid of toxins and to reactive micro circulation in your tissues, which also helps lose belly fat.
Be careful with plant-based remedies: most substances used in tisanes, infusions or draining drinks are not recommended during breastfeeding. 
They may alter the taste of your milk or trigger lactic reactions. 

Tone up belly after giving birth using vegetable oils

Creams made of vegetable oils such as calendula oil, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil are rich in precious active ingredients.
They contribute in nourishing your skin and firming up tissues, giving them back their elasticity
Applying pure vegetable oils rich in substances that stimulate production of elastic fibres on your skin is a very efficient way to fight against lack of tone. 
Use them consistently, one or twice a week, they’ll be great allies to open up your pores and reactivate micro circulation, especially when they are combined with circular massages after taking a shower or a bath. 
Rose hip seed oil reduces stretch marks during pregnancy and helps maintain skin elasticity after giving birth

Should you wear a girdle after giving birth?

Experts agree that wearing a girdle can be beneficial to compensate for changes in posture, support tissues and make movements easier. 
This works only if you wear the girdle during 10 to 15 days after giving birth
Make sure you wear it when you’re standing. 
Indeed, over time, wearing a girdle can prove to be prejudicial for abs muscles and led to a loosening even more pronounced.

Sahra.Nko’s shaping swimsuit: flat tummy effect

We all know that getting back in shape after pregnancy is not easy, especially when you don’t have free time and when you’re tired to such an extent that you want to give up.
I have one piece of advice for you: try to be proactive as much as you can, without getting discouraged by little imperfections that undermine your self-esteem. 
With some efforts, patience, and kindness towards yourself and respect towards your rhythm, you’ll finally get rid of postpartum belly.
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