Discover Corset Swimwear

Embrace Elegance Even in Your Most Vulnerable Moments. Sahra.Nko combines Italian craftsmanship with innovative textile technology to celebrate your unique allure. Each curve is meticulously enhanced, sculpting your silhouette for everyday confidence. Infused with vintage glamour, our Zora and Yollanda pieces wrap you in both comfort and luxury, allowing you to maintain control over your body and reveal the Diva within.


"Gorgeous swimsuit! It enhances my figure and makes me feel much more confident.Sexy, without being vulgar. Can't wait to wear it at the beach. I feel perfectly comfortable thanks to the quality fabric and the perfect fit."


"Absolutely fantastic! Delivered fast in a gorgeous blue box, and got super responsive advice by email. A real corset, I just had abdominal surgery and needed to wear a support garment… but with this swimsuit, I don't need it anymore 😁 The craftsmanship is top-notch, everything is perfect!"


Hourglass Effect

Tailored for exceptional support up to cup size G. The Yollanda stands out with its 17 cm corset belt, providing an hourglass silhouette effect while celebrating your curves. Made with anti-cellulite fabric and UV protection, this swimsuit combines a sophisticated vintage look with practical, rust-resistant hooks and secure closure.


Flat Tummy Effect

Designed for those seeking a flatter stomach and a refined figure. The Zora, with its sculpting effect,back smoothing, and adjustable straps, offers unparalleled fit and comfort. Crafted with anti-cellulite fabric and UV protection, this timeless design marries functionality with elegance, highlighted by a push-up effect for an enhanced bust.