Size guide

How to Measure Yourself Accurately?

When you don a swimsuit that flawlessly fits your figure, you exude beauty and elegance. To achieve this, follow these expert tips and explore Sahra.Nko's corset swimsuit collection to find your perfect piece.

Zora – Flat-Tummy-Effect - One-piece Corset Swimsuit - Sahra.Nko

Avoid Common Mistakes

A frequent misstep is selecting a swimsuit that's too small. Utilize our size chart to discover the ideal fit that marries luxury with comfort.

Where to Place the Tape Measure for Correct Measurement?

The video below guides you through quickly measuring your bust, waist, and hips.

Customizing Your Corset Swimsuit at a Tailor

 Your Sahra.Nko corset swimsuit is crafted to offer the best fit possible. However, you might sometimes seek a more personalized touch. If you find your swimsuit needs adjustments for optimal comfort, consider having it tailored professionally.
An experienced tailor can make precise alterations to your corset swimsuit, ensuring it fits your curves perfectly. Whether it's tightening the straps, adjusting the bust, or refining the waist, a skilled tailor can transform your swimsuit to fit like a second skin.