For many of us, loving our bodies as women is no easy feat today. The media, social networks, and advertising bombard us with images of retouched bodies, leading us to compare ourselves to these seemingly unattainable physical ideals. Appreciating your body in such a context becomes almost a challenge, as we forget that the true value of beauty lies in uniqueness. Experts suggest that over 90% of women view themselves as inadequate and are dissatisfied with their image when looking in the mirror. Here are some tips to learn to love your body by turning the mirror into a true ally.

Gratitude Toward Your Body

Stand in front of the mirror, take a deep breath, and clear your mind of images of perfect bodies and self-prejudices. Focus and reflect on everything your body does for you. We take it for granted, but we shouldn’t. Hate your legs? Think about all they bring you: romantic walks, swims in the sea, the ability to go wherever you want. Instead of despising them, try thanking them. Showing gratitude towards your body is crucial to learning to love it. Focus on what you usually dislike about yourself and find a reason to be thankful. It might be difficult at first, but believe me: the reasons are always there.

Loving Your Body with Affirmation Techniques

This is an exercise to do every morning in front of the mirror, right after waking up, to start the day positively and boost your self-esteem. Look straight into your eyes, suspending any judgment about your body, and tell yourself that you love yourself as you are. Repeat this affirmation over and over until you feel you've fully internalized it. It might seem silly at first, but if done with real conviction, it works. Vary your affirmations in front of the mirror based on what feels most crucial to you. Start with those you'd never dare say to yourself or those you find really, really hard to associate with yourself.

Self-Acceptance: The Foundation of Change

Why is self-acceptance so important? Because conscious change starts with acceptance. We are accepting our bodies, not when we take care of them, but when we do it healthily. The fact is, no matter how a person looks physically, they will always find flaws, despise themselves, and criticize themselves. Self-love doesn’t mean "I love and accept myself as I am and therefore do nothing to improve myself." Nor does it mean "I don't love myself and push myself to the limit to change myself." As often, the solution lies in the middle: I love myself, I want the best for myself, and I want to improve. If the change comes from not loving and not accepting your body, you will work hard to artificially change it. Whether it's through surgery, makeup, or exhausting workout sessions, you'll try to be someone else. If change comes from self-love, the resulting behaviors will not be the same, but it’s especially the intention behind that will change. You'll start to engage in a sport you love, eat well, take time to relax, and give your body and mind what's good for it.

Focusing on What You Appreciate About Yourself

Now, stop focusing on what you don't like and try to say what you appreciate about your body. We know it's much easier to focus on what we hate or would like to change in our bodies, rather than what we love. Look for a detail you like and start from there to reevaluate your body as a whole. By training in the mirror to focus on your assets rather than your imperfections, day after day, you'll be surprised. You will be able to see your strengths more and more clearly.

Sophia Loren: Tips for a Fulfilling Life

And remember, inner beauty reflects on the outside. This is a commonplace truth, but it's one aspect we can always work on. Sophia Loren, the symbol of Italian beauty and one of the most famous and appreciated actresses internationally, proves this. What are her secrets to still being beautiful, fascinating, and active at 87? Here are some tips she shares: "There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap into this source, you will truly have defeated age." Sophia also asserts that "aging can be enjoyable, even fun, if you find ways to occupy your time, feel satisfaction for what you have achieved, and continue to dream, despite everything." With these words, Sophia Loren gives us an important and precious message and advice. This beautiful and intelligent woman urges us to stay active, especially in terms of spirit. She encourages us to continue cultivating our interests over the years, to be constantly creative, and never give up on our dreams.

Dorothy Dandridge: Unwavering Determination

Love and respect for oneself also come from the choices that shape our lives. The legendary Dorothy Dandridge, although unknown to the general public, was the first black woman to be nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars. Nicknamed the Black Marilyn Monroe for her stunning beauty, she had a difficult life marked by broken loves, tragedies, and some successes. The only difference with other divas is that she was black in an era like the 50s, which is significant. Dorothy was tough and always refused to play the classic roles assigned to black actresses, like maids, slaves, or jungle women. Despite all obstacles, she managed to rise to the top thanks to her tenacity, albeit for a short period.

In conclusion, developing self-esteem, learning to love oneself, and appreciating one's image as a woman are important and delicate topics to address. Without claiming to cover all the ins and outs of this vast and complex subject in one article, I suggest you put these tips into practice. It's by taking one step at a time that we realize, after some time, that we've come a long way. But be careful: while daily self-work is important, we are women, and the coquettish side has its place in our relationship with our bodies. Wearing a beautiful, slimming Sahra.Nko swimsuit that slims and exalts our figure is part of the strategies to feel better in our skin. Our shaping swimwear will be perfect to highlight your assets as a voluptuous and sensual woman. Why deprive yourself? And we're sure that even Sophia Loren and Dorothy Dandridge would have fallen in love with Sahra.Nko swimsuits!