The allure of celebrities often lies in their daily lives, especially those from the past. Marilyn Monroe, hailed as the 20th century's sexiest woman by People magazine, remains one of the most beloved and admired figures of all time.
With breathtaking curves packed into a 5'5" frame, she made beauty her greatest asset. Platinum hair, mascara-coated XXL lashes, and iconic red lipstick were her trademarks.
But did you know that our diva also adhered to a comprehensive beauty routine? In this article, I unveil all the beauty routines of this sublime pin-up, who has captivated generations.

Marilyn's Transformation to Blonde

Marilyn shed her natural coppery brunette hair, a transformation guided by Emmeline Snively, director of the Blue Book modeling agency. Her platinum blonde locks, achieved after countless dye jobs, were a unique and bold color, now universally known as "Marilyn blonde".

Marilyn's Secrets to Radiant Skin

Marilyn's glowing, translucent skin made headlines again in 2020 with the opening of the Make-Up Museum in New York. This unique museum dedicated to makeup showcases the beauty advice given to her by Erno Laszlo, dermatologist and founder of the eponymous brand. Her morning routine involved cleansing with soap and water, followed by a neutral toner and eye contour. A non-negotiable part of her evening routine was never going to bed without removing makeup! Laszlo had created products with Phelityl, a moisturizing complex with a pH close to the skin's natural pH, which Marilyn used on her face.

 Marilyn Monroe wearing chanel parfum- Sahra. Nko

Two Drops of Chanel N°5

Who doesn't know Marilyn's cult response to writer Georges Belmont in a 1960 interview? "What do I wear to bed? Pajamas? Stockings? Or a nightgown? Just two drops of Chanel N°5." Since then, other sources have confirmed that the actress loved rich and feminine fragrances in general and was not exclusively faithful to Chanel's iconic scent.

Marylin workout

Marilyn's At-Home Fitness Routine

Marilyn's fitness routine included ten minutes of physical activity per day. She particularly enjoyed alternating weightlifting, gym exercises, and a lot of running.

Marilyn and the Benefits of Cold Showers

Marilyn took two quick showers each morning, the first hot and the second cold, to wake up and stimulate circulation. She then meticulously applied multiple layers of the famous Nivea cream to her body.

Marilyn's Diet Explained in an Interview

A previously unpublished interview with Marilyn Monroe was featured in Pageant magazine in September 1952, in an article titled "How I Stay in Shape." The famous actress is depicted in bed, taking her breakfast and explaining her diet. The interview was only recently discovered, thanks to a scoop by Elle magazine.

It turns out Marilyn wasn't overly concerned with her physical appearance, meaning she didn't follow a particular diet or watch her weight. Her main concern was eating enough not to be too exhausted between auditions. Let's dive into the details.

Marylin monroe taking her breakfast

Marilyn's Unique Diet

In the interview, Marilyn described practicing a strange diet to maintain her famous figure. First, she replaced caffeine with champagne.

For meals, warm milk with two raw eggs and vitamins in the morning. She skipped lunch and dined on meat (steak, liver, or lamb) and raw carrots, which she adored. An ice cream with caramel topping finished her evening meal, which she said she could afford since she only ate proteins during the day.

According to her, it was an excellent way to stay in shape, although today's nutritionists might not agree.

The mystery about her real diet deepened following an auction on June 22, 2021. The auction's highlight was two cookbooks that belonged to Marilyn Monroe, initially estimated at about $75,000.

Marylin monroe is cooking

Marilyn's Cookbooks and Shopping Lists

In the actress's cookbooks, several notes, written in her hand, were found, containing recipes and shopping lists. These lists resemble typical shopping lists, featuring foods not mentioned in her "unique diet" from the interview. But the most significant treasure seems to be the actress's detailed diet plan, from meal times to foods and quantities. Thanks to the notes, it was possible to reconstruct the movie star's eating habits, which differ somewhat from those declared to the magazine.

Marylin monroe is eating a piece of chocolate cake

Marilyn Monroe's Eating Habits

Marilyn had breakfast at 8 am, consisting of orange juice or cooked prunes, toast with spreadable butter, cereals, a cup of milk or chocolate. She usually had lunch at 1 pm with an egg, potatoes, spaghetti or noodles, eaten with tomato sauce or butter. The meal ended with cooked fruits or jelly. In the mid-morning and afternoon, she had two snacks with milk or crackers. At 6:30 pm, she dined on fish or meat (her preference), vegetables, bread, and a pudding or baked apple for dessert. Before sleeping, Marilyn took a glass of eggnog. A diet that, compared to the first, is closer to how many of us eat today. Like me, if you're wondering where the line between truth and legend lies, we may never know. But ultimately, it doesn't matter. It's part of the mystery that surrounds this undisputed icon, symbol, for better or worse, of an entire era.