After exploring the beauty routines of Marilyn Monroe, we now turn to the secrets of another brunette pin-up. Her name is synonymous with elegance, sex appeal, and emancipation. Yes, we're talking about Sophia Loren, the living proof that beauty is timeless. And we're not just referring to physical beauty: at 87, the diva remains a symbol of Dolce Vita, style, and glamour. Recognized as one of the world's most desirable women, she famously challenged beauty stereotypes in the 1950s. Thanks to her determination and personality, she was the first to win the Oscar for Best Actress in a non-English language film in 1962 for "La Ciociara." Let's focus on her beauty secrets: a diet and daily habits that are surprisingly simple and accessible to everyone.


Sophia and Self-Acceptance

Sophia Loren is not just a dazzling woman but also an exceptional actress. At 86, she received the David di Donatello Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for "La vita davanti a sé." Early in her career, she was asked to undergo aesthetic modifications, including refining her nose. At that time, the ideal beauty standards included blond hair like Marilyn, a cute nose like Brigitte Bardot, and pale skin like Grace Kelly. Sophia, with her Mediterranean features, olive complexion, and explosive physique, represented a completely different type of woman. Her nose was too long, her mouth too wide, her hair too untamed: everything was to be changed.

Sophia Loren: Embracing Uniqueness

Not only did the actress not yield to those suggesting she change her appearance to have more chances in Hollywood, but she also turned these so-called flaws into her strengths. She considered her distinct Mediterranean traits as her asset, refusing to change to conform to others' wishes. And the world quickly fell in love with her individuality and distinctiveness. Throughout her remarkable career, the actress has always wanted to convey to her fans the power of confidence in one's own beauty. "Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful," she wrote in her autobiography, emphasizing the importance of self-esteem. After all, one does not become an icon for nothing.

Sophia Loren: Eternal Youth is in the Mind

In her interviews, she proudly declares that she still feels like a teenager in her head. What's her secret? It's not about creams or body rejuvenation techniques. Here's what she said: "Beauty is what you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It's not something physical." You might object that it's easy to talk like that when you have her exceptional genetic heritage: her wasp waist, sensual body, generous bust, and doe eyes. But this unparalleled pin-up possesses a unique energy. Confident, humorous, passionate, Sophia says that to overcome age, one must master one's mind and nourish one's talent and creativity. The actress affirms that her family, especially her grandchildren, brings her much happiness and makes her feel young inside.

Legendary Makeup and Hairstyle

Sophia Loren has always been a femme fatale with caramel-colored silky skin, a magnetic gaze accentuated by impeccable eyeliner, and perfectly pigmented lips. The diva believes in the transformative power of makeup while staying true to her natural beauty. She combined dramatic eye makeup with red lips in various shades. So much so that, to imitate her iconic lip color, Dolce & Gabbana launched in 2011 the Sophia No. 1 lipstick, an intense but light cherry color. Known for frequently changing her hairstyle and color shade, her hair style is generally a bit wild, with always shiny and voluminous hair.

Sophia Loren and Her Diet

Sophia Loren's diet is based on unprocessed foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and other oilseeds, salads, cereals, olive oil, poultry, and fish. She has eliminated sugars and fats and limited her consumption of bread. Pasta is a dish the actress cannot give up. According to Sophia, when consumed with a simple tomato or vegetable sauce instead of meat, they can be an excellent habit. The actress starts the day with a fairly light breakfast: a good decaffeinated coffee, some rusks, and plenty of fruits. Sophia Loren also revealed that one of her secrets is to drink a glass of red wine at dinner, which would be the only alcoholic drink she still allows herself.

Exercise and Rest: Sophia Loren's Lifestyle

Physical activity is considered essential by Sophia Loren. An hour's walk a day is a must for her, accompanied by 45 minutes of stretching. To stay in shape and have a fresh and rested look, she sleeps at least eight hours a night, as she herself says: "I usually get up at 5 am and go to bed at 8 pm."

Sophia Loren and Her Beauty Products

Always a great fan of skincare, the actress uses a vitamin A cream for her face and eyes, as well as a rose water lotion. When asked about her beauty routine, she replied: "My beauty secrets can be summed up in one sentence: nourishing the love for life, eating spaghetti, and taking baths in olive oil."

It seems that her secret to having toned and radiant skin is to use a few drops of organic extra virgin olive oil for her facial care. In the morning, she uses cotton soaked in cold milk to deflate her eyes, as well as an ice cube to tone her face. A scrub with fresh cream and wheat completes her beauty routine. She is not a fan of sunbathing at all costs, and every time she goes out, she takes sunglasses with her, which she uses as needed to prevent crow's feet. Olive oil is also part of her hair routine: she first dampens her hair and then applies a few drops to soften and make it healthier and shinier.

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