In summer, the need for lightness is felt in everything we do, from our diet to our wardrobe. Walking through the streets of our bustling cities under scorching heat, we dream of a deserted beach and a gentle breeze rustling through palm trees. In these temperatures, everything seems bothersome, especially makeup. Yes, applying makeup in summer can be quite a challenge. On one hand, the heat makes us want to avoid excessive products on our face. On the other, sweating and humidity can cause makeup to melt away. But why should we give up a practice that reconnects us with our femininity, making us feel more beautiful and confident? If you're like me, you wouldn't want to forgo makeup, even as the thermometer soars. Here are my tips for a lasting, natural, light, sweat-resistant summer makeup that makes you feel gorgeous in any situation.


Lightness: The Key to Perfect Summer Makeup

First, lighten your beauty routine by using only essential products. The goal is to create a more natural makeup that feels comfortable on your skin. Go for a light makeup that enhances your natural beauty without the burden of unnecessary elements. Pin-up style makeup is glamorous and sophisticated, but heavy foundations, thick eyeliner, and matte lipsticks may not suit the summer. In short, don't overdo it in the summer to avoid your makeup melting away.

1. Summer Makeup: Hydrate and Protect Your Skin

For perfect makeup, start by taking care of your skin. Wash your face in the morning as usual, then apply a light, non-greasy moisturizer with SPF. This step lets your skin breathe and protects it from sun damage like burns, redness, and sunspots. Then apply a primer suitable for your skin type for a mattifying effect and to keep your makeup intact till evening. Don't worry about the primer weighing down your makeup; choosing the right one for your skin type means you can use it even in summer.

2. Summer Makeup: Light Foundation or BB Cream

Even if you love thick, opaque foundation, put it aside until autumn. Summer makeup calls for a very light foundation with a mattifying formula. Or better yet, a mineral foundation that covers imperfections without making your skin shiny, for a natural powdered effect. Remember to choose the right shade: your skin might be more tanned, so try buying a shade darker than usual. If you're lucky enough not to have significant imperfections, you might also opt for a BB cream. It smooths minor imperfections and hydrates the skin, giving a radiant effect. You can use it alone for a very natural result, replacing the combination of moisturizer + foundation. My tip: don't skimp on powder, it's a precious ally! Reapply it as needed, even several times a day. You'll reduce the shiny skin effect that tends to worsen in hot weather.

3. Summer Makeup: Blush and Bronzer for a More Natural Effect

If you've decided to let your face breathe or your phototype allows you to tan quickly, leave your foundation or BB cream, as light as they may be, in the drawer. To revive your complexion or add an extra touch to your tan, choose blush or bronzer, opting for long-lasting products. Cream formats are the best, as they resist sweat and humidity and can be easily retouched midday with your fingers.

4. How to Do Eye Makeup in Summer?

For summer eye makeup, I advise against shimmery eyeshadows, which can be a bit too much when applied to tanned skin. Generally, prefer light colors such as shades of beige, pink, green, gold, and orange, applied sparingly to create very light eye makeup. Dark eyeshadows should also be avoided at all costs, as they do not fit the natural and light effect we want for our summer makeup. Beware: with the heat, eyeshadow can migrate into the creases of the eye. This can be easily avoided by applying a primer beforehand. If you're a pin-up at heart and can't do without eyeliner – which I completely understand – now is the time to dare to use bright colors you wouldn't use at other times of the year. And to finish off perfect light eye makeup, never miss mascara. A waterproof mascara will prevent smudging, and you can use it, if needed, at the beach or pool, matched with your Sahra.Nko shaping swimsuit.

5. Summer Makeup: 2-in-1 Lips and Cheeks

Even on the cheeks and lips, the keyword for summer 2024 makeup is lightness. Did you know there are 2-in-1 solutions that makeup both lips and cheeks with a single product? If you prefer to vary between these two parts of the face, choose bright colors, like coral or fuchsia for the cheeks, and a nude color or transparent gloss for the lips. On the other hand, if you opt for a bold color on the lips, you might lighten the makeup on your eyes. Keep in mind the phrase "less is more," which takes on its full meaning in summer! The perfect outfit to pair with your fresh and natural makeup for this summer is undoubtedly our Sahra.Nko corset swimsuit. Elegant and timeless, with clean lines, it will adapt to your body's curves to enhance its natural beauty during your swims or poolside evenings.