Transform Your Silhouette with Our Corset Swimsuits

Summer 2024 is all about feeling confident and elegant in your skin. Inspired by the timeless glamour of the 1950s, our corset swimsuits are designed to enhance your natural curves, helping you achieve a smooth, elegant look that makes you feel your best every day.

Understanding Your Body Type

To select the perfect corset swimsuit, it’s essential to identify your body type. Let’s explore how our Yollanda and Zora models can cater to different silhouettes:

Morphology A (Triangle)

The upper part of your body is slimmer than the lower part. You have a modest chest, a more or less defined waist, narrow shoulders, and well-developed hips.


Benefits: Balances the upper and lower body, highlighting your curves and defined waist.


Benefits: Elongates the legs, slims the stomach, and offers an elegant and slender look.

Morphology V (Inverted Triangle)

You have an athletic build. Your shoulders are broader than your hips, and your waist is slightly defined. Do you have a generous chest?


Benefits: Accentuates the hips, defines the waist, and balances broad shoulders.


Benefits: Adds volume to the lower body, elongates the legs, and smooths the back.

Morphology O (Apple)

You have a marked waistline, luscious curves, a large breast, round buttocks and wide hips. You are very feminine and have a lovely body!

-Benefits: Defines the waist, highlights the hips and chest for a harmonious look.
- Benefits:Slims the waist, elongates the silhouette, and offers a streamlined appearance.

Morphology 8 (Hourglass)

Your shoulders are aligned with your hips, and you have a slim waist. No matter what your size is, this is the easiest body type to emphasize. You can wear almost anything since your figure is already balanced!

- Benefits: Enhances and flatters the hourglass figure, emphasizing the bust and waist.

- Benefits: Maintains natural curves while providing additional slimming and elongating effects.


Our corset swimsuits, Yollanda and Zora, are designed to make you feel elegant and confident. By choosing the right model for your body type, you can transform your silhouette and embrace your femininity with style.


What should I do if I am between 2 sizes? 

No need to worry. Reach out to us through chat, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

How to choose my corset swimsuit size?

Corset swimsuits are tailor-made, which is why we advise you to measure your waist. Place a tape measure around your waist, at the smallest part, and measure.

How long does it take for the corset swimsuit to fit my shape?

We recommend that you wear it for at least two hours so that the corset swimsuit can adapt to your curves.

I have voluminous breasts, which swimsuit would you recommend?

With its V-neckline and its long straps to tie around the neck, the Yollanda adapts to every breast. Whether you are large or small, you will have no problem finding the right size.