The long-awaited summer vacation is here! After a busy year, it's time for some well-deserved relaxation and a break from daily routines. But relaxation doesn't mean neglecting your well-being. In fact, beach vacations offer unique opportunities for fun and healthful activities. Here are 7 tips and tricks to take care of yourself while enjoying your summer at the sea.


1. Sea Swimming to Stay in Shape

Starting with a classic: swimming in the sea. It's a comprehensive workout that engages all body muscles and is gentle on the joints. It's particularly ideal for women with back issues, and you don't need to be an Olympic swimmer to reap the benefits.

2. Speed Walking in the Sea

Walking briskly in sea water is an excellent way to burn calories and strengthen your lower body. It's especially beneficial for those with cardiovascular concerns or varicose veins and helps reduce cellulite.

3.Aquagym and Beach Sports

Aquagym, often set to music in the water, is a fun way to lose weight and tone muscles. Many seaside resorts offer sessions led by qualified instructors. Popular beach sports like beach volleyball and beach tennis are also great for strengthening muscles and endurance.

4.Pilates and Meditation by the Sea

For a change of pace, try Pilates and meditation classes offered by the seaside, usually in the evening. These activities improve flexibility and are particularly beneficial for stress relief.

5. Natural Skin Exfoliation

The beach offers great opportunities for natural skin care. Here are two homemade exfoliant recipes:

5.1 Sea Sand and Salt Scrub


  • 50g of sea salt
  • A few drops of lavender essential oil
  • 4-5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • 2-3 handfuls of damp sea sand

Mix these ingredients and gently massage the mixture over your body in circular motions, focusing on elbows, knees, and feet. Rinse off in the sea afterward.

5.2 Sea Salt and Honey Scrub

If you're on a rocky coast without sand, use sea salt and honey instead. Ingredients:
  • 300g of sea salt
  • A few tablespoons of honey
  • A small amount of milk
Combine these ingredients and massage the mixture onto your skin. Follow up with a good natural moisturizer like shea butter or coconut oil after rinsing.

6. Natural Hydromassage on the Beach

Relax on the beach while the waves provide a gentle massage, helping your body absorb the minerals and antioxidants from the sea.

7. Beach Sand Bath

A sand bath is like a mini-sauna, especially beneficial for those with rheumatism or arthritis. Drink plenty of water before "burying" yourself in a shallow hole, covered with a thin layer of sand, excluding your head. Limit your time in the sand to 10 minutes.

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