Summer is just around the corner, a time when we're supposed to feel joyful and relaxed, thanks to the warmth, tanning, and evenings with friends. But too often, this season also brings anxiety, insecurities, and doubts about our physical appearance. Many of us women wish we looked different from the image we see in the mirror. The curvier ones wish to be slimmer, the slim but not toned enough crave a firmer body, and those with a smaller bust desire larger breasts. We're always quick to notice our physical imperfections, especially when slipping into our swimsuits. However, there are good habits to adopt to accept ourselves as we are and take care of our bodies. From my experience, this involves two aspects: mind and body, with the mind being foremost. Although it's important to care for the aesthetic aspect of our bodies, self-acceptance is undoubtedly the central aspect. Let's focus on the right habits for accepting ourselves and taking care of our bodies before summer (and all year round!).



Meditation to Change How We See Ourselves

Body image is a kind of story that lives in our heads. How we see ourselves and imagine ourselves is locked in our minds. Each of us has her own image of the ideal woman and what she should look like. The positive aspect of how we see ourselves is that if we want to, we have the power to control it. The word "accept" means to welcome, and when it comes to ourselves, it indicates being happy with oneself while being aware of one's limitations. What prevents us from appreciating ourselves? Often, it's judgment. Practicing meditation helps us clear our minds and release negative judgments about ourselves. Meditation can take us on a journey toward self-acceptance, to a safe and welcoming place, where we find well-being and tranquility. A place that belongs only to us, where we can go whenever we need to.


Pampering Our Bodies

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies. Imagine if our body were another person: how would it react? It would probably feel rejected and do everything to make our lives difficult. A good antidote is to take care of our body as if it were a cherished little child. Feed it when it's hungry, let it rest when it's tired, go to bed when it feels the need to sleep... Occasionally, give it a gift: a massage, a facial treatment, a day at the spa... We'll feel fitter, lighter, and more beautiful. Speaking of massage, read the next paragraph...

Le gommage, le geste inévitable pour une peau de soie — Sahra.nko 

Practicing Anti-Cellulite Self-Massage

Massage is an ancient remedy that has the power to activate the resources of the entire body, stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins, and tone the body. Its effects are both physical and psychological. Indeed, if we consider the skin as the boundary between the inside and outside, massaging it means, in a way, coming into contact with oneself. To practice anti-cellulite self-massage, choose a calm moment of the day when you can dedicate yourself to this precious and useful pampering without distractions. Try to do it every day, in the evening, for at least 15 to 20 minutes, using the essential oil of your choice. A delicious version beneficial for reducing cellulite is a scrub made with ground coffee, to be applied to wet skin in the shower. You can also add vegetable oil: you'll have scented and soft skin. The ideal time is in the morning: a way to treat yourself and boost your day, as long as you like coffee!

Sleep Well to Lose Weight More Effectively

Did you know that sleeping facilitates weight loss? Authoritative studies and research reported in the American International Journal of Obesity show that the more we sleep, the more weight we lose. Conversely, lack of sleep promotes an increase in obesity from childhood. The relationship between sleep and weight loss is explained by the influence of two appetite-related hormones, ghrelin and leptin. When sleep is insufficient in quantity or quality, the level of ghrelin, the hormone that increases the desire for fatty and sugary foods, rises. At the same time, there is a decrease in the level of leptin, the hormone that increases the feeling of satiety. The opposite happens when we sleep enough. For the body to do its job and produce its hormones in a balanced way, an adult should sleep an average of 6 to 9 hours per night. Favor herbal teas and busy days, so that yawning comes naturally and you get restorative sleep.

Practicing Belly Dancing or Burlesque

Any physical activity is good for staying in shape, according to one's preferences. But some types of dance are particularly suitable for women wanting to reconnect with their bodies and connect with their femininity. For example, belly dancing is an effective and fun way to stay in shape, offering great possibilities for expression. It effectively relieves stress and significantly improves the relationship with oneself and self-esteem. And what about burlesque? It consists of gestures and dance steps that free women to express their femininity with their bodies and with play. It refers to the sphere of the sacred feminine, therefore to every woman's need to live her body and her sensuality harmoniously. The protagonist is a seductive woman, never vulgar, who goes beyond aesthetic canons, age, and shapes. She recognizes her own beauty, has fun, and loves herself as she is. This surely reminds you of pin-ups and their uninhibited sensuality. These two feminine disciplines have a toning, draining, and anti-stress action. They act as a link between the mind and the body, teaching women to love the sinuous roundness of their forms. Learning to accept and value oneself brings with it good humor and positivity. That's why belly dancing and practicing burlesque also have an antidepressant effect and help inhibit the impulses of nervous hunger. Who could ask for more?

woman wearing corset swimsuit

In conclusion, I think it's important to cultivate a different mindset, more positive and less rigid, not locked into stereotypical thought patterns. Our kilos alone do not define who we are, and what we consider imperfections make us unique, make us ourselves. We are women who laugh, have fun, and enjoy life to the fullest. The pleasure of being ourselves makes us confident and sexy, no matter the size of our clothes. So, if we want to lose a few kilos, we are free to do so, but only for ourselves, to feel happier and more radiant. And we will be even more radiant, thanks to the Sahra.Nko bandeau swimsuit! I designed it to sculpt our bodies and enhance our curves, to help voluptuous women feel sensual and confident. I am convinced that every woman has the right to wear a swimsuit that enhances her as she is, to live a colorful summer.