How to choose the corset swimsuit adapted to my morphology

The corset swimsuit is going to be a must-have for summer 2024, as it provides a woman with all she wants: a slim waist, a flat stomach, a lifted chest, and a slimmed back.
Your swimsuit will help you cope with people's gaze at the beach, because you'll be more attractive than ever before! But before you slip it on, make sure you know your body type so you can get the most out of the corset and show off your best assets. Here's a guide to find your body type in a snap, and take advantage of all that the corset swimming costume has to offer.
Are you ready? Let's get started!  In front of your mirror, in your underwear, look at your figure without judgment, only with love. Do you have a small bust, wide hips or broad shoulders? Ask yourself these questions and be honest. This little moment of reflection will help you find THE corset swimming costume that fits your figure and makes it look great! 
morphologie triangle

The A or 'triangle' morphology:

Your upper body is thinner than your lower body. You have a small chest, a thin waist more or less defined, narrow shoulders and wide hips 

Your goal: to have a balanced upper and lower body, accentuating the volume on the top to balance with your hips.

Our advice: We recommend you to choose the Zora swimsuit which will rebalance your figure. Its push up effect allows you to lift your breasts to harmonize the top and bottom of your figure, while further refining your waist for a hyper sexy and hyper feminine look. 




morphologie o

The O, or 'apple' morphology:

You have a marked waistline, luscious curves, a large breast, round buttocks and wide hips. You are very feminine and have a lovely body!

Your goal: to highlight your assets and conceal your overly pronounced shape.

Our advice: to do so, we recommend the Yolanda model for a sublimated bust thanks to a pretty V-neckline, and perfectly maintained thanks to the corset and the belt which makes you lose two sizes. Your stomach is slimmed down and your love handles are less visible.  The high-waisted panty gives you a slimmer and more slender figure.

morphologie triangle inverse

The V, or ‘inverted triangle' morphology:

You have an athletic body, with shoulders wider than your hips. Your waist is slightly marked, and your breasts are generous.

Your goal: to balance your silhouette by drawing attention to your lower body.

Our advice: opt for the Yolanda swimsuit. The waistband slims your waistline and the high-waisted panties enhance your legs. The corset flattens your stomach and reduces your love handles. That's it, you have the balanced figure you've been dreaming of for so long!  

morphologie 8

The 8-shape morphology:

Your shoulders are aligned with your hips, and you have a slim waist. No matter what your size is, this is the easiest body type to emphasize. You can wear almost anything since your figure is already balanced!
Your goal: to highlight your luscious, feminine shape and your waist.
Our advice: lucky you, both models suit your body type!  If you want a push-up effect, a flat stomach and a slender figure, then go for the Zora model. If you want a plunging neckline, while highlighting your waist and your open-back, I advise you to choose the Yolanda model.  I hope this article was useful, and above all, don't forget to measure your waist, because our swimsuits are tailored to your body type and shape. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment.


What should I do if I am between 2 sizes? 

We advise you to take the smaller one. The swimsuit will be slightly tighter, but thanks to the memory whalebones, you will not feel constricted.

How to choose my corset swimsuit size?

Corset swimsuits are tailor-made, which is why we advise you to measure your waist. Place a tape measure around your waist, at the smallest part, and measure.

How long does it take for the corset swimsuit to fit my shape?

We recommend that you wear it for at least two hours so that the corset swimsuit can adapt to your curves.

I have voluminous breasts, which swimsuit would you recommend?

With its V-neckline and its long straps to tie around the neck, the Yollanda adapts to every breast. Whether you are large or small, you will have no problem finding the right size.